List Of Memorabilia:

Baseball Cards
Mug Shot (Original) F and R
Patches w/ Balloons
Comic Book
Audio Segments
Reproductions Of Artwork (Clone Images and Sketches Available)
Media Copies from 1994
Collectible items for sale .

Reproductions of Original Artwork . G.A.C.I. [ Gacy Art Clone Images } All “Clones ” are the exact replica of the original painting ,, front and rear . All replicas bear Copyright of Original Artwork by the artist and are accompanied by Copyright letter and C.O.A. .

Prices range from 99.00 to 299.00 . {based on sizes ranging from 9×12 to 16 x 20 } all can be viewed on this site ..[see ART ]

A list of more collectables will be available at a later date, including baseball cards , U P I mugshot, color photos , comic book , letters, books. All items are Authorized by the Executor of Literary and Art. Please contact this site for requests or information.